Scientific department of the Group has developed a new product IFO®, which has high anti-knock performance.

Developed fuel additives based on IFO® product that are superior on the market by the combination of functional properties

Mass fraction of IFO product  15–20%
Mass fraction of oxygenate  80–85%
Mass fraction of IFO product  10–12%
Mass fraction of MTBE  88–90%
Mass fraction of IFO product  45–50%
Mass fraction of oxygenate  50–55%

The use of IFO® additives allows *:

  • improve knock resistance of motor gasoline;
  •  improve chemical stability of motor gasoline;
  • Reduce the tendency of motor gasoline to form deposits on intake valves.

Application of antiknock additive IFO® does not increase the emission of CO, CH, NOx and CO2 in the exhaust gas composition.

IFO® additives according to GOST 12.1.007-76 refer to the 4th hazard class (low-hazard) on the effects on the human body.

IFO® additives registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare and approved for sale and use in the production of motor gasoline on the territory of the Customs Union: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

*Functional properties of IFO additives confirmed by tests performed in OJSC «VNII NP».

IFO®-220, IFO®-220M and IFO®-320 — is a mixture of product IFO® and ethers. Are used to improve knock resistance of motor gasoline.

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