LLC «NOEFCO» (New effective components) — trade and manufacturing company engaged in the active monitoring of the internal and external markets of petrochemical products, introduction in the production of the latest scientific developments in the field of petrochemistry and oil refining, promotion and implementation of the company’s products in Russia and in the countries of the Customs Union.

In 2013 company, NOEFСO produced and introduced to the market anti-knock additives under the IFO brand name, that are superior on the market by the combination of functional properties. (Functional properties of IFO additives confirmed by test results in OJSC „VNII NP“). At the moment, on the market is represented product line under the IFO brand — IFO220, IFO220M, IFO320M.

Manufacturing base of the company is located in Russia and China and has 4 enterprises and its own R & D department and laboratory.

Main objective of NOEFCO — production and sale of high quality products for the oil industry, the construction of a sustainable international presence, promotion of the process of qualitative modernization and innovation in the field of oil refining.

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